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NSZ 4.0

latest release: 4.0.1
22 months ago

After being in development for over half a year here finally NSZ v4.0 which brings a lot of new features. Enjoy that huge update. I will try to make more but smaller releases in the future.

  • Implemented Drag & Drop support as requested in #51
  • Implemented CRC32 key validation and added support for future masterkeys
    • Fixed the issue of master_key_0a not being recognized
    • Added CRC32 for master_key_0a
  • Windows 7 support for Windows builds
  • Improved GUI font size scaling
  • Set the NSZ GUI window to be TopMost (always on top) on Windows so Drag & Drop gets much more convenient
    • Added a setting to specify if the Kivy window should be always on top or not
  • XCI/XCZ finally extracts to folders containing the NCA/NCZ files instead of HFS0 partition dumps
  • Fixed a major XCI compatibility bug by implementing compression/decompression support for NCA files with the first section having a smaller or larger offset then 0x4000. This fixes #49
  • Added NSPZ (nsZip legacy file format) extraction support
  • Make GUI an optional install
  • Fixed #59 ncz decompression is not working
  • Cleaned up imports for nsz package
  • Stop bar manager to avoid broken shells
  • Added pywin32 as GUI dependency for Windows. This fixes #56
  • Fixed with whence = 2 (seek relative to the file's end). This fixes #64
  • Starting from within a different working directory finally works
    • Fixes the current Azure Pipeline issue
  • Added solid decompression, block decompression, solid compression and block compression tests to azure-pipelines.yml
  • Made NSZ new returning with error code 1 if there are any exceptions
  • Fixed deadlock in
  • Highly improved block decompression speed by caching the current block
  • Added Visual Studio 2019 Python Project
  • Added titleId and version to the file list and highly improved its design
  • The SelectableLabel items inside the game list now properly scales its height according to the available width and text length of the file path. This fixes #50
  • Added a multi-language supporting open source font for #61
  • Implemented input folder as output folder by default for #61
  • Waiting for Enter before exit when started over GUI so errors and console output can be seen before it closes for #74
  • Fixed install failing on Kubuntu 20.04 and a lot of other modern Linux distributions by improving for #75
  • Removed code that manipulated the XCI header size for absolutely no reason which fixes #77
  • Improved decompression speed by 400% by heavily reducing the amount of performance intensive status bar refresh calls
  • The decision if the last block should be decompressed or copied now matches the file format specifications by comparing the decompressed block size of that specific block with its compressed size. This issue was caused by missing the (unlikely) edge case that the last block can be larger when compressed without exceeding the general block size. This fixes #79
  • Improved BlockCompression performance and overall CPU usage by reducing the amount of performance intensive status bar refresh calls.
  • Ensure that the line right to the curser is clean when the application terminates
  • Implemented undupe, undupe-dryrun, undupe-prioritylist, undupe-whitelist and undupe-old-versions to remove duplicate games
  • Highly improved the missing prod.keys/keys.txt error message by not showing the stack trace and waiting for a user input before exiting
  • Highly improved
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

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