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NSZ 3.1

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2 years ago
  • Fixed broken decompression in v3.0.0 due to an optional argument not marked as such and an outdated file extension comparison
  • Allow the selection of individual files inside the OpenFileDialog
  • Made it visible which drive is currently selected inside the OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog
  • Replaced the background_down image with the background_normal one as it looks ugly inside the FileDialogs
  • Removed SaveFileDialog as its unused and a pain to maintain
  • Highly improved the OpenFileDialog by allowing switching between the icon and list layout
  • Added filter to the OpenFileDialog so it only displays nsp, nsz, xci, xcz and ncz files
  • No longer showing the empty placeholder for the device selection on non-Windows platforms an made per OpenFileDialog argument specifiable file filters possible
  • Finally enabled the selection of folders and selecting multiple items at the same time
  • Automatically creating the empty gui folder required for settings to be saved in nsz portable which is exactly the fix manually applied to
  • Fixed the warnings that appeared in the console on every GUI launch
  • Made the file browser view mode buttons in the same design as the Windows device selection buttons
  • Implemented deletion of selected GameList items using the delete or backspace key
  • Highly improved the GameList item selection and deletion
  • Vixed verification only mode not executing when called from GUI
  • Set the default amount of threads for solid compression to 3 while keeping the number of logical cores the default for block compression because the majority is now using task parallelization for solid compression
  • Fixed: AttributeError: 'RootWidget' object has no attribute 'verify'
  • Dirty fixed Kivy throwing "Error in sys.excepthook" during shutdown if the amount of RecycleView data was ever decreasing
    • I tried multiple hours fixing this the proper way without success. I also tried removing all children what makes it to throw the same exception without even decreasing the amount of data and tried filling it with dummy data on shutdown in self.rootWidget.gameList.recycleView.shutdown() which didn’t worked because it’s already too late to spawn everything needed to avoid this exception.
  • Improved the wording of the error summary
  • Updated testing and deployment scripts
  • Fixed orphan processes remaining after the main process terminated after block compressing a very short task resulting in the orphan processes spamming "AttributeError: 'ForkAwareLocal' object has no attribute 'connection'" exceptions
  • Fixed NSZ GUI icon not showing
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

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