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NSZ 3.0

latest releases: 4.0.1, 4.0.0, 3.1.1...
2 years ago
  • GUI:
    • Contains all functions available using command line arguments
  • XCZ support
    • Block compressed (default)
    • Solid compressed
    • XCZ to XCI decompression
  • Implemented task parallel solid compression. See --multi
  • Implemented titlekey extraction with titlekeys.txt and titledb support. See --titlekeys
  • Added regex support to the extract option to allow the user to specify exactly which files should be extracted from the container. See --extractregex
  • NCZ decompression directly in nsz #38
  • Updated IndependentNczDecompressor to the latest version inside nsz
  • Fully replace tqdm with enlighten
    • Implemented multithreaded multiple process bars communication system for solid compression and verification while avoiding stdout race conditions
  • Endless decompression/verification on a few block compressed games #25
  • Fixed a major bug causing the space between block compressed NCZ files to be filled up with 0x00 to fit their uncompressed size
  • Major Scripts Cleanup
  • Fixed NSZ Decompressor TQDM Progress Bar
  • Fixed --rm-old-version
  • fixed path bug with decompression
  • Removed pycryptodome v3.9.0 restriction as its latest v3.9.3 works fine
  • Improved installation guide
  • Fixed an exception that could occur when trying to receive keys under special circumstances during debugging
  • Fixed a major bug inside the enhanced file existing check leading to files with the same name as a file already existing inside the output directory being overwritten without specifying this behavior using the –overwrite command line argument. This bug was cause by comparing the output file path instead of the output filename with existing filenames.
  • Made nsz pip package building Kivy compatible
  • Switched from Nuitka to PyInstaller due to Kivy compatibility
  • Changed how --extract and --verify arguments are handled internally
  • Set up CI with Azure Pipelines using self-hosted server
  • Fully switched to pathlib. This fixes #41 and a lot of other file path related issues
  • Fixed Enhanced File Existing Check. Adapting to pathlib and finally fixing --overwrite and --rm-old-version
  • Improved exception handling related to outdated keys.txt which fixes issue #29 and #40
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. adds a missing empty folder that prevented GUI configurations from being saved in inside

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