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What's Changed

New features



  • test: replace python docker-compose with docker compose by @buchdag in #2343
  • ci: image build and publish workflow update by @buchdag in #2245
  • tests: test case assertion depending on python version by @pini-gh in #2350
  • tests: support custom 'docker compose' command by @pini-gh in #2349
  • tests: pytest color terminal output by @SchoNie in #2354
  • tests: fix xpass and xfails by @SchoNie in #2355
  • test: revert "Fix test" and "Sleep longer" by @buchdag in #2356
  • docs: split documentation by @buchdag in #2357
  • refactor: cleanup dockerfiles by @buchdag in #2359
  • test: install docker compose in nginx-proxy-tester image by @SchoNie in #2369
  • build: add the openssl cli back to the alpine image by @buchdag in #2372
  • ci: add s390x support by @lysliu in #2383


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