github nextcloud/spreed v8.0.9

8.0.9 – 2020-05-13


  • Reduce CPU usage when doing a video call #3414
  • Automatic scaling of video quality to allow bigger video calls to further reduce required CPU and bandwidth #3468
  • Notify users when talk was updated in the background and a reload is necessary #3373
  • Improve the layout of the video stripe when the videos don't fit anymore #3433


  • Guest names not shown in video calls with the HPB #3502
  • Don't mark the tab "unread" for own messages and messages you read already #3378
  • Try harder to connect with microphone when camera is not readable #3494
  • Fix multiple issues when the connection was interrupted
    #3405 #3461 #3467 #3466 #3452
  • Fix a type error while pinging the sessions with the HPB #3375
latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
14 months ago