github nextcloud/spreed v8.0.6

✔️ Added

  • Remember the video/audio setting per conversation #3205
  • Added the join button to the "Alice started a call" message to make it easier to join #3135
  • Added a warning when no TURN server is configured but no ICE connection could be established #3162
  • Added more aria labels to support screenreaders #3215
  • Tech Preview: Added a setting to prefer H.264 video codec #3224

🔧 Changed

  • Allow guests to set their name while they are already in a call #3169
  • Automatically hide the left sidebar when in full screen in a call #3158

🐞 Fixed

  • Fix unnecessary high load when users update their room list (every 30 seconds) #3225
  • Fix videos being overlayed with the video/audio control icons #3149
  • Correctly load/hide the guest avatar based on the WebRTC connection state #3196
  • Stop signaling correctly when switching to another conversation #3200
  • Do not constantly try to reconnect to peers without any streams #3199
  • Do not retrigger an update of the participant list when it is already being updated #3202
  • Fix a problem when trying to set a password with question marks or hash sign #3145
  • Fix issues when a user or guest is being demoted from moderators while already being in a call with the lobby enabled with the external signaling server #3057
  • Fix issues with interrupted audio streams when closing the sidebar in the files app while having a call #3044
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16 months ago