github nextcloud/spreed v8.0.5

✔️ Added

  • Add a link to the file in the conversation info for file conversations #2974

🐞 Fixed

  • Fix copy and paste behaviour with WebKit based browsers #2982
  • Improve chat loading for guests to be fast again #3026
  • Improve reaction time to conversation status changes for guests #3038
  • Fix collision on (empty) tab id with systemtags app in the sidebar #2964
  • Focus the chat input in the sidebar when opening the chat tab #2975
  • Also end call state of conversation when the last user leaves, has a timeout or logs out directly #2952 #2984
  • Await response of "Leave call" before leaving the conversation #2951
  • Don't provide a default stun when the server has no internet connection #2982 #3028
  • Fix call notifications stating "You missed a call" with a lot of participants #2945
  • Only try to join and leave real conversations when opening the files sidebar #2977
latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
17 months ago