github nextcloud/spreed v8.0.1

✅ Added

  • Add details to "New in Talk 8" list #2812
  • Allow to "right click" > "Copy link address" on the conversations list again #2832
  • Add an indicator to the participant list if a user is in the call #2840

🔧 Changed

  • Require confirmation before deleting a conversation #2843

🐞 Fixed

  • Re-add missing shortcuts for turning on/off audio (m) and video (v) #2828
  • Fix visiting index.php/ links when rewrite is enabled #2833
  • Adding a circle does not correctly add all accepted members #2834
  • Correctly handle guest names in chats and calls when they are changed #2849
  • Contacts menu not redirecting to one-to-one conversations on "Talk to …" #2809
  • Increase tolerence for automatically show new messages and scroll to bottom #2821
latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
18 months ago