github nextcloud/spreed v7.0.0


  • Added a simple Lobby: moderators can join and prepare a call/meeting while users and guests can not join yet #1926
  • Add the file call functionality to the public sharing page #2107
  • Allow to mention guest users #1974
  • Added a voice level indicator and notify the user when they speak while they are muted #2016
  • Change the read marker to work based on the message ID and allow clients to set it manually #1214
  • Prepare the backend for replies to messages so the clients can implement it #2000
  • Allow to prevent guests from starting a call #2204
  • Update SimpleWebRTC to the latest version


  • Load newest chat messages first on joining a conversation #2206
  • You can now escape commands to show them to your chat partners by prepending a second slash (e.g. //help) #1919
  • One-to-one conversations are now only deleted if both users leave the conversation #1921
  • Use the guests name in notifications instead of the anonymous "A guest" string #2104


  • Allow to have file based calls in folders mounted by the groupfolders app #2012
  • Only list participants who joined the call in the call summary #2012
  • Participants in the participant list now offer the contacts menu #1822
  • Better UI feedback while moderator actions are performed #2117
  • Make sure the external signaling server is informed about the new state changes (read-only, lobby, etc.) #2103
  • Show a call summary for calls when there was no user #2177
  • Allow to mention the conversation by its name additionally to "all" #2198
  • Fix mentions with users that have a numeric only ID #2173
  • Enable camera and microphone access in the Nextcloud 17 feature policy #2073
  • Multiple Nextcloud 17 compatibility fixes
latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
22 months ago