github nextcloud/spreed v6.0.3

6.0.3 – 2019-07-22


  • Chat messages can now be longer than 1.000 characters #1901
  • Users matching the autocomplete at the beginning of their name are now sorted to the top #1968
  • Only strings starting with http:// or https:// are now made clickable as links #1965


  • Fix layout issues of the chat on the share authentication page #1901
  • Fix issues with calls when a user logs out while being in a call #1947
  • Fix a problem when joining a public conversation as a non-invited logged-in user #1914
  • Fix missing tooltip with full date on timestamp for the first message of a user in a grouped block #1914
  • Commands based on the Symfony Command component can now provide a useful help message #1901
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2 years ago