github nextcloud/spreed v5.0.0


  • Chat and call option in the Files app sidebar
  • Users can now select for each conversation whether they want to be notified: always, on mention or never
  • Password protection via Talk now also works for link shares
  • Guests can now be promoted to moderators in on going calls
  • Groups can now be selected when adding participants and will add all members as participants
  • Email addresses can now be added to conversations which will make the room public and send the link via email
  • TURN server settings can now be tested in the admin settings


  • Improve performance of chats with multiple hundred messages


  • Fix screensharing in Chrome 71+ and other Chrome based browsers
  • Fix mentions for users with spaces in their user id
  • Fix avatars in messages by guests
  • Gracefully handle messages with more than 1000 characters
  • Stop signaling when leaving a conversation
  • Fix scroll position when the chat is moved to the sidebar
  • When a files is shared a second time into a chat no error is displayed
  • Send initial screensharing stream to participants that don't publish video
latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
2 years ago