github nextcloud/spreed v3.0.0


  • Added simple text chat
  • Added activities for calls: "You had a call with ABC (Duration: 15:20)"
  • Introduced different participant permission levels: owner, moderator and user
  • Added support for room passwords on public shared rooms
  • Added option to run an external signaling backend


  • Rename the app to "Talk" since it now contains chat, voice and video calls
  • Moved admin settings to separate category and allowed to configure multiple STUN and TURN servers
  • Moved signaling from EventSource to long polling for compatibility with HTTP2
  • Moved room API to OCS so apps and 3rd party tools can use it


  • Fixed compatibility with Postgres
  • Fixed compatibility with Oracle
  • Compatibility with Nextcloud 13
latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
3 years ago