github nextcloud/spreed v11.2.0

✅ Added

  • Added a temporary OCS Api for clients to upload avatars #5401

🔧 Changed

  • Direct reply button in message row #5361

🐞 Fixed

  • Show error notification also when hello signaling message fails #5344

  • Fix UI feedback when remote participants lose connection #5345

  • Handle failed server requests more gracefully #5455

  • Only use the local file as preview for some types when uploading #5423

  • Fix an issue with the migration to the new attendees table #5427

  • Fix the background job checking the schema #5374

  • Fix a bug with the raised hand of users that disconnect #5418

latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
pre-release3 months ago