github nextcloud/spreed v11.0.0-rc.1

✅ Added

  • Allow resending email invitations #5052
  • Added support for turns:// protocol #5087

⚙️ Changed

  • Bring up the conversation creation-dialog when clicking on a group to prevent accidentally spam #5062

🐞 Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent attachments going into the Talk/ folder #5077
  • Split the turn test to report whether UDP and/or TCP work #5104
  • Fix collaboration resource options not loading #5140
  • Hide the upload option when the user has no quota assigned #5036
  • Fix mentioning of users with subnames, e.g. "foo" and "foobar" #5041
  • Fix capabilities check for image preview size #5033
  • Prevent duplicated call summaries when multiple people leave a call on the HPB within a short time period #5042
latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
pre-release5 months ago