github nextcloud/spreed v11.0.0-alpha.4

✅ Added

  • Allow pagination for main grid view #4958
  • Allow line breaks and links in the descriptions #4960
  • Allow to send messages again when they failed #4975
  • Add a button to directly disable the lobby #4997
  • Add basic support for Opera #4974

⚙️ Changed

  • The avatar-blurring in calls has been replaced with the average color to improve performance on Chrome, Chromium, Safari, Edge and Opera #4985
  • User different border color when own message is quoted #4940
  • Move matterbridge settings into the conversation settings dialog #4907

🐞 Fixed

  • Fix Javascript errors with Internet Explorer and Safari #4829 #4963 #5008
  • Show unread one-to-one messages in dashboard widget #4944
  • Allow to clear the lobby timer value again #4990
  • Show single video in stripe if screen share in progress #4941
  • Properly initialize descriptionText with description #4942
  • Remove system message when a self-joined user leaves a conversation #4933
  • Fix scrolling of the chat when messages arrive while in background #4979
  • Fix a bug that prevented disabling sip #4951
  • Allow SIP dial-in in non-public conversations #4954
  • Correctly use the displayname for groups in admin settings #4943
  • Delete messages from UI storage when a conversation is deleted #4949
  • Add mapping between Nextcloud session id and signaling server session id, to allow linking call users with the rest of the UI #4952
  • Fix missing display names with sip users #4956
latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
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