github nextcloud/spreed v11.0.0-alpha.1

✔️ Added

  • Implement read status for messages including a privacy setting #4231
  • Implement multiple requirements to prepare for SIP dial-in #4324 #4469 #4682 #4689
  • Allow moderators to make conversations "listable" so users can join themselves #4706
  • Add the possibility for conversation descriptions #4546
  • You can not push to talk/mute with the space key #4328
  • Conversations can now be locked in the moderator settings preventing further chat messages and calls #4331
  • Allow to fold away the video strip to focus more on the promoted speaker or screenshare #4363
  • Improve previews of images and allow animation of gifs #4472
  • Allow to "Raise hand" in a call #4569
  • Compatibility with Nextcloud 21

🔧 Changed

  • Improve setting initial audio and video status when the HPB is used #4181
  • Remember the Grid view/Promoted speaker selection per conversation in the browser storage and when a screenshare is stopped #4451
  • Use the new Vue settings modal for user and conversation settings #4195
  • Updated database structure so all tables have a primary key for database cluster support #4735

🐞 Fixed

  • Stop sending the nick through data channels after some time #4182
  • Don't query guest names for an empty list of guest sessions #4190
  • Use date-based names for image content that is pasted into the chat #4539
latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
7 months ago