github nextcloud/spreed v10.1.2

✅ Added

  • Added pagination to the gridview in case there are too many participants #4991

🔧 Changed

  • Replace blur with average color in video backgrounds to improve performance on Chrome based browsers #5011
  • Allow SIP dial-in in non-public conversations too #4955

🐞 Fixed

  • Drop guest moderators when changing a conversation to group conversation #5231
  • Fix collaboration resource options not loading #5141
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent attachments going into the Talk/ folder #5078
  • Fix mentioning of users with subnames, e.g. "foo" and "foobar" #5050
  • Add upload editor in files sidebar mode #5113
latest releases: v12.0.1, v11.3.1, v10.1.6...
5 months ago