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What's Changed

  • fix(JSRecourceLocator): Add missing slash after server root by @susnux in #44408
  • fix(logging): Restore the option to log with debug level by @nickvergessen in #44400
  • fix(files): Do not escape file names in the file picker by @susnux in #44407
  • Check permissions of all accessible file for versions by @artonge in #44362
  • log error when default getWrapperStorage would return null by @icewind1991 in #44357
  • fix(files): Only add copy suffix before file extension for files (not folders) by @susnux in #44417
  • build(deps): bump libphonenumber-js from 1.10.57 to 1.10.58 by @dependabot in #44423
  • build(deps-dev): bump webpack-dev-middleware from 5.3.3 to 5.3.4 by @dependabot in #44436
  • build(deps): bump dompurify from 3.0.9 to 3.0.11 by @dependabot in #44426
  • build(deps-dev): bump phpunit/phpunit from 9.6.17 to 9.6.18 in /build/integration by @dependabot in #44432
  • build(deps): bump core-js from 3.36.0 to 3.36.1 by @dependabot in #44430
  • build(deps-dev): bump cypress-split from 1.20.1 to 1.21.0 by @dependabot in #44427
  • build(deps-dev): bump cypress from 13.7.0 to 13.7.1 by @dependabot in #44428
  • build(deps): bump @nextcloud/vue from 8.11.0 to 8.11.1 by @dependabot in #44431
  • build(deps-dev): bump tar from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1 by @dependabot in #44429
  • build(deps-dev): bump webpack from 5.90.3 to 5.91.0 by @dependabot in #44424
  • build(deps): bump @nextcloud/router from 2.2.1 to 3.0.0 by @dependabot in #44425
  • fix(AppStore\Fetcher): Ensure get returns an array by @susnux in #44410
  • Get access list share by email recipients by @ASerbinski in #32631
  • fix(typo): Fix typo in docs by @nickvergessen in #44456
  • fix(federation): Fix creating local cloudIds with http:// protocol by @nickvergessen in #44453
  • feat: add interface for lower level filecache acess without having to do direct db queries by @icewind1991 in #44458
  • fix(DB): Sanitize host parameter for postgres databases when IPv6 address is passed by @susnux in #44394
  • feat(login): Clear login form (password) after IDLE timeout by @susnux in #44438
  • config: fix correctness issues in reading by @pulsejet in #44230
  • chore(ci): update block merge EOL workflow by @Altahrim in #44388
  • Fix/caldav/eventcomparisionservice uses wrong array comparison by @rcwschaller in #44017
  • fix(setupcheck): Catch Throwables from setup checks and show them to the admin by @come-nc in #44270
  • fix(S3): Adjust typing for 32bit compatibility by @susnux in #44462
  • fix(preview): webp preview format by @st3iny in #44474
  • enh: Send empty expireDate when not expireDate set by @Fenn-CS in #44291
  • fix(personal-files): correctly filters groupfolders now by @emoral435 in #44455
  • fix: always add user to group cache by @hrenard in #42931
  • fix(CSP): Add CSP nonce by default and convert browserSupportsCspV3 to blacklist by @susnux in #44412
  • fix(dns): detect disabled IPv6 support in DNS pinning by @Altahrim in #44475
  • fix(settings): Also verify that trusted_proxies only contains IP addresses (with range) by @susnux in #44483
  • Add listener and interfaces to allow versions migration across storage by @artonge in #44187
  • fix(contactsinteraction): Allow vCard download by @ChristophWurst in #44457
  • fix: Allow using replica config with split databases by @juliushaertl in #44470
  • 29.0.0 beta 6 by @Altahrim in #44449

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