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1.9.0 - 2021-03-03


  • Sieve filter editor

  • Download all attachments as zip archive

  • Trust all senders of a domain

  • Option to remove trust of a trusted sender or domain via account settings

  • Bottom reply mode

  • SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication support

  • occ command to delete a Mail account as admin

  • Stores the important flag as $important on IMAP for interoperability and being able to reset an account without data loss

  • Nextcloud 22 development support

  • PHP8 support


  • Envelope/message action icons are now streamlined

  • Avoid the iconv //IGNORE option if possible for better compatibility with Alpine Linux

  • SMTP host setting now has a label

  • Attachment download and attachment zip now works without a new tab that opens briefly

  • Loading message threads is roughly 2x faster thanks to an optimized query

  • Updated and new translations

  • Dependency updates


  • Threading algorithm running into endless recursion and therefore causing a memory exhaustion

  • Dependency conflicts with server and other apps

  • App navigation toggle issues

  • Move modal not showing

  • Messages occasionally not vanishing from the database cache

  • Ignore mailboxes that are not accessible (e.g. shared ones without sufficient permissions)

  • Plural string of envelope actions

  • Signature settings editor not showing editing controls

  • Rendering the account in the sidebar despite authentication problems

  • Handles some cases of invalid encoding better

  • Wrong label for SMTP user in account settings

  • Regression with missing name of local attachments

  • Ensure an account exists before it's updated

  • Empty mail server settings shown for provisioned accounts

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