github nextcloud/mail v1.6.0


1.6.0 – 2020-11-04


  • Moving mails to other mailboxes of the same account (also usable on mobile)

  • New account preferences to pick the mailbox for draft, sent and trash mails

  • Important/favorite/read indicators inside the threaded view

  • Enhanced multiselect using the Shift key to select ranges


  • Minimum php version increased to 7.3 due to 7.2 EOL

  • Reply button is now a link – user can write the reply in a new tab

  • Internal code cleanup

  • Dependency updates


  • Saving all attachments of an email to Nextcloud Files

  • Quoting the forwarded email

  • Seen/unseen handling in multiselect

  • Font weight in thread view

  • Font color of "Add account" button in app settings

  • Browser error when navigating away from a draft that hasn't loaded yet

latest releases: v1.9.1, v1.9.0, v1.9.0-alpha3...
4 months ago