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1.5.0 - 2020-10-03


  • Threading: related message are shown as conversations

  • Mailbox management: add, move, rename and delete folders and subfolders

  • Unified search integration: find emails everywhere, you don't even have to open Mail

  • Dashboard integration: see all important email at a glance when you log into your cloud

  • Display account quota: see how much storage your account is using

  • Multilevel mailbox structure: no more limits on how deeply you next your folders

  • Aliases: manage your identities

  • Collapse quoted text and signatures: hide the parts of a message that are less important, but make it possible to expand if needed

  • Create new folders when saving attachments


  • Fix formatting when it is checked individually from the account default

  • Catch throwable's during account sync

  • Fix icon color in dark theme

  • Fix inconsistend wording Spam vs Junk

  • Add action menu for subfolders

  • Add the missing references header for sent messages

  • Improve design of the folder creation

  • Show setup button if no accounts are set up

  • Improve accessibility

  • Make it possible to view messages of the same thread directly

  • Improve signature design

  • Do not navigate when clicking an envelope's menu

  • Change keyboardshortcut into modal

  • Allow toggeling of subscription status of folders

  • Fix dashboard empty content

  • Fix message source scroll bar

  • Inject styles for using native fonts in html mails

  • Fix unseen messages loading infinitely

  • Collapse plain text signatures into a detail element

  • Set file picker to copy mode

  • Collapse quoted text in plain text messages


  • Nextcloud 18 support (due to hard dependency on new API)

  • Nextcloud 19 support (due to hard dependency on new API)

latest releases: v1.9.1, v1.9.0, v1.9.0-alpha3...
5 months ago