github nextcloud/mail v1.4.0


1.4.0 - 2020-05-16


  • Priority Inbox: the combined inbox is now classified into important messages, favorites and others to keep you organized

  • Actions on multiple message (multiselect)

  • Mark as junk

  • Make as important

  • Search by subject

  • Confirmation when deleting account


  • Migrate from php-ml to rubix-ml

  • Show only subscribed folders

  • Open inbox when clicking on account item

  • Consistency of "important" icon

  • Make loading spinner not move all messages

  • Change empty-content message on mail

  • Incomplete initial sync now logs the current progress


  • Delete all user's accounts when the user is being deleted

  • Navigation from account settings to new message composer

  • Navigating back from small screens

  • User data cleanup after user deletion

  • Message deletion from priority inbox

  • Vertical space between sections in priority inbox

  • Endless initial sync due to empty partial page

latest releases: v1.9.0-alpha3, v1.9.0-alpha2, v1.8.3...
8 months ago