github nextcloud/mail v0.6.2

0.6.2 – 2016-12-12


  • Various autocompletion enhancements
  • Support for CSP nonces
  • Many small enhancements in the user interface
  • Updated info.xml for the new app store
  • Timestamps are updated automatically


  • Sent folder is now shown in the collapsed folder list
  • PSR-4 naming of source files
  • The mail notification is not closed after 5sec anymore
  • Collected mail addresses are now sanitized and split into name and address
  • Update to Marionette 3
  • Removed client-side message list cache
  • Updated documentation (developer, shortcuts)
  • Messages that cannot be deleted are added back to the list


  • FTP url filtering in HTML mails
  • Noopener attribute for external links
  • Downloading attachments does no longer abort other connections
latest releases: v1.9.0-alpha2, v1.8.3, v1.4.3...
4 years ago