github nextcloud/mail v0.19.0


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

0.19.0 - 2019-11–25


  • php7.4 support


  • Mail detail view now only has one back/menu button

  • Composer attachment buttons moved into action menu

  • Simpler wording for plain text/rich text switch


  • Fix opening messages with attachment content-type and content-disposition

  • Spacing in settings section

  • No popover for addresses without a display name

  • Horizontal scrolling issue on mobile

  • Show recipient avatar instead of sender avatar in \sent mailboxes

  • Focus to field automatically when writing a new message

  • Virtual flagged inbox shown as child of the inbox

  • Missing label of unified inbox

  • .ics attachment mime detection

  • .ics attachment import

  • Unwanted flowed text formatting


  • php7.1 support

latest releases: v1.9.1, v1.9.0, v1.9.0-alpha3...
15 months ago