github nextcloud/mail v0.18.0


0.18.0 - 2019-10-28


  • Html editor

  • Html signatures support

  • Better layout for reading and writing messages

  • Reply, reply-all and forward overhaul

  • Message composer design improvements

  • Account setup error feedback

  • Account settings page design overhaul


  • Removed reply-to email address from quoted text

  • Logging error in drafts error handler

  • Unnecessary line breaks in quoted reply text

  • Umlauts encoding on folder (mailbox) names

  • Missing navigation when adding an account

  • Account form should be a HTML form

  • Marking another message as read without navigation

  • Deleting another message without navigation

  • Fix missing redirect on account deletion

  • Fix missing navigation when first account is added

  • Envelope delete animation

  • Broken auto redirect on external links of a HTML message

  • Show external images

  • Handling of internationalized FWD and AW prefixes

  • Flagging drafts as \draft


  • Dependency updates

  • New and updated translations

  • JavaScript is now generated for @nextcloud/browserslist-config browsers

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16 months ago