github nextcloud/deck v1.3.0-beta2


  • #2700 Attempt to copy file on dropping it to deck @juliushaertl
  • #2701 Fix uploading files by drag and drop @juliushaertl
  • #2707 L10n: Change to a capital letter @Valdnet
  • #2712 Docs: Fix table in section "GET /api/v1.0/config" @das-g
  • #2716 Remove repair step which is no longer needed as we cleanup properly @juliushaertl
  • #2723 Pad random color with leading zeroes @PVince81
  • #2729 Remove invalid activity parameters @nickvergessen
  • #2750 Fix deck activity emails not being translated @nickvergessen
  • #2751 Properly set author for activity events that are triggered by cron @juliushaertl
latest releases: v1.4.2, v1.4.1, v1.2.7...
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