github nextcloud/deck v1.0.0
Deck 1.0


  • Completly rewritten frontend
    • Better maintainability
    • Various small fixes
    • Unified user interface with Nextcloud
  • Separate comment and activity timelines
  • Add ability to reply to comments #1537
  • Filter cards on board #1507 @jakobroehrl
  • Add cards to projects #1294 @jakobroehrl
  • Move cards to other boards #1242 @jakobroehrl
  • Clone boards with existing stacks and labels #1221 @jakobroehrl
  • Upload multiple files at once and in parallel

A huge thangs goes to our awesome community that put enourmous effort into the frontend migration:

Special thanks for contributing huge parts of the Vue.js migration:
@jakobroehrl @weeman1337 @nicolad

@cloud2018 @putt1ck @bpcurse

Android app team for helping to improve our REST API:
@desperateCoder @stefan-niedermann

latest releases: v1.4.2, v1.4.1, v1.2.7...
13 months ago