github nextcloud/deck v0.3.0


  • Allow to assign users to cards
  • Emit notifications for overdue cards
  • Emit notifications if boards gets shared to a user
  • Add support for Nextcloud 13
  • Simplify layout for cleaner user experience
  • Add contacts menu to avatars
  • Automatically save card description on inactivity


  • Fix card dragging behaviour
  • Fix scrolling and dragging on mobile
  • Various fixes when data is not syncronized between different views
  • Improved performance
  • Update document title when renaming a board
  • Automatically chose the least used color
  • Improve accessibility
  • Fix issue when assigning labels after creating them
  • Allow to save tag changes with enter
  • Fix bug when removing labels changed the color of the remaining ones
  • Fix issues with auto saving of card descriptions
latest releases: v1.4.2, v1.4.1, v1.2.7...
3 years ago