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pre-release25 days ago

Nextcloud 28.0.4 is included

What's Changed

πŸ• New features and other improvements

  • Make more clear that port 8080 needs to be accessed via ip-address by @szaimen in #4358
  • log the whole error message when network creation fails by @szaimen in #4408
  • nextcloud - update apps_paths to include absolute path by @szaimen in #4386
  • aio interface - adjust wording for disable daily backups button by @szaimen in #4399
  • Fixed a typo in containers.twig by @airplane-flight in #4429
  • run helm lint to catch any problems by @szaimen in #4450
  • nextcloud container - add redis session handler to Dockerfile by @szaimen in #4459
  • nextcloud - adjust COLLABORA_HOST logic by @szaimen in #4460

🐞 Fixed bugs

  • Additonal backup paths - fix regex by @Zoey2936 in #4411
  • fix(helm): image repo transformation yielding invalid yaml string syntax by @st3iny in #4447

πŸ‘’ Updated dependencies

  • Yaml updates by @github-actions in #4331
  • Helm Chart updates by @github-actions in #4417
  • Bump docker from 25.0.3-cli to 25.0.5-cli in /Containers/mastercontainer by @dependabot in #4412
  • Bump clamav/clamav from 1.3.0-41 to 1.3.0-43 in /Containers/clamav by @dependabot in #4404
  • Bump php from 8.3.3-fpm-alpine3.19 to 8.3.4-fpm-alpine3.19 in /Containers/mastercontainer by @dependabot in #4403
  • Bump php from 8.2.16-fpm-alpine3.19 to 8.2.17-fpm-alpine3.19 in /Containers/nextcloud by @dependabot in #4401
  • Bump nats from 2.10.11-scratch to 2.10.12-scratch in /Containers/talk by @dependabot in #4379
  • Bump collabora/code from to in /Containers/collabora by @dependabot in #4360
  • [Automated] Update psalm-baseline.xml by @nextcloud-command in #4357
  • chore: update workflows from templates by @skjnldsv in #4347
  • Bump clamav/clamav from 1.3.0-43 to 1.3.0-44 in /Containers/clamav by @dependabot in #4439
  • ci(lint-helm): simplify workflow by @st3iny in #4451
  • update helm chart by @szaimen in #4448
  • Bump elasticsearch from 8.12.2 to 8.13.0 in /Containers/fulltextsearch by @dependabot in #4457
  • Bump collabora/code from to in /Containers/collabora by @dependabot in #4461
  • Nextcloud dependency update by @github-actions in #4462

πŸ“„ Improved documentation

  • community containers - add hint regarding what if containers are alre… by @szaimen in #4402

New Contributors

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