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2 years ago

v2.19.1 - 2021-02-25

Bug Fixes

  • deps: update module to v1.6.2
  • deps: update module to v1.37.1
  • deps: Update module newrelic/newrelic-client-go to v0.58.2
  • deps: update module goreleaser/goreleaser to v0.157.0
  • one_dashboard: Table Widget should have filter on them
  • one_dashboard: Inherit nrql_query account_id from dashboard by default

Documentation Updates

  • update changelog
  • update changelog


  • one_dashboard: Add support for widget_histogram
  • one_dashboard: Add support for widget_funnel
  • one_dashboard: Add support for widget_bullet
  • one_dashboard: Add widget_heatmap

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