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v2.0.0 (June 18, 2020)

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3 years ago

v2.0.0 - 2020-06-18

Bug Fixes

  • Require condition_scope = instance for validation_close_timer
  • Add validation to newrelic_alert_condtion condition_scope
  • alerts: remove DiffSuppressFunc on TypeSet to avoid test drift
  • alerts: infra alert condition zero value detection
  • alerts: handle a nil reference with more grace
  • application_settings: Remove delete, as it is not possible
  • deps: Revert terraform sdk to 1.10.0
  • newrelic: fix the failing integration tests (#519)
  • nrql_alert_condition: threshold_occurrences is case insensitive, attribute description updates

Documentation Updates

  • add callout to top of each v1.x doc page
  • tidy up after review
  • DEPRECATION notice for 1.x
  • update index header with improved words
  • update getting started guide to reference new material
  • update README with new pointers
  • add table for current endpoint in use per resource
  • include documentation about upgrading the provider to 2.x
  • update API key references to match desires
  • include v1 index.html in sidebar
  • prep for v2.x, isolate v1.x docs
  • alert_channel: fix broken 'nested config' anchor link
  • alerts: include caveat about NRQL alerts condition operator usage with outliers
  • alerts: update wording to avoid implementation details
  • alerts: include deprecation notice for "terms"
  • alerts: update examples to reflect deprecation
  • getting started: fix resource naming
  • nrql_alert_condition: add outlier example, add new attributes, deprecate old attributes, update import section
  • nrql_alert_condition: update docs to reflect version 2.0 changes
  • provider: add region to provider docs, removing references to API base URLs
  • provider: add provider configuration guide page
  • workloads: fix api key attribute name (#489)


  • alerts: convert Alerts Policies to nerdgraph
  • application: implement newrelic_application resource
  • dashboard: add grid_column_count to dashboard schema
  • entity_tags: add an entity tag resource (#679)
  • entities: add a newrelic_entity data source
  • nrql_alert_condition: integrate nerdgraph for nrql alert conditions
  • provider: add region to provider schema, handle API URLs based off region

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