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1.5.0beta1: Sandboxed, Hardened & Notarized

latest releases: 1.6.5, 1.6.5beta1, 1.6.4...
pre-release5 years ago

Please disable Start at login in Preferences before you update. You can also check this wiki page for troubleshooting help.

  • added an Updates tab to preferences (#107)
  • enabled the Hardened Runtime security feature (#111)
  • enabled the App Sandbox security feature (#112)
    • custom icons need to be placed in ~/Library/Containers/info.marcel-dierkes.KeepingYouAwake/Data/Documents now and will be migrated during the app update
  • Start at login uses a launcher helper app now (#110)
    • the previous login item is not compatible anymore and it is recommended to disable Start at login before updating!
    • please check this wiki page if you encounter problems
  • updated Sparkle to the ui-separation-and-xpc version (#109)

This release doesn't contain any new features, but was still one of the hardest for me to prepare. It took over a year to get these security features right. I hope that this beta phase won't reveal any further problems. Have a great 2019! 🥳

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