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Custom Icons Beta

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pre-release8 years ago
  • This (long awaited) beta introduces the custom icons feature, some of you have been waiting for
    • Just place four images named ActiveIcon.png, ActiveIcon@2x.png, InactiveIcon.png, InactiveIcon@2x.png in your ~/Library/Application Support/KeepingYouAwake/ folder. The recommended size for these images is 22x20 pts
  • The "disabled" menu bar icon has a thinner appearance on retina displays and is not dimmed anymore
  • please refer to the beta 1 changelog for additional changes
  • This is still beta software. If you notice any issues, please report them here

This will be the last beta for 1.2.2 and I'm determined to release the final version as soon as possible. Thanks for all your feedback, suggestions and mails. 🤔

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