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  • [#548] IOS show mac address-table: Account for Total Mac Addresses
  • [#565] IOS show license: Avoid trailing spaces for features
  • [#575] NXOS show version: Match N5K PLATFORM & LAST_REBOOT captures split words
  • [#574] ASA show failover: Account for new output (IPS)
  • [#577] IOS show mac address-table: Account for Multicast Entries
  • [#582] NXOS show interface transceiver: Remove requirement for TYPE
  • [#585] IOS show mac address-table: Fixed ordering for TYPE2
  • [#587] IOS show interfaces switchport: Account for Vepa Enabled and Operational Dot1q Ethertype
  • [#584] IOS show switch detail: Account for Mac persistency wait time
  • [#589] EOS show ip route: Filldown for DISTANCE and METRIC - Added new data formats for VRF and NEXT_HOP and INTERFACE
  • [#592] Fortinet get router info bgp summary: Account for more data, fix UP_DOWN regex from word to non-whitespace
  • [#603] IOS show ip access-list: Update PROTOCOL to capture numbered protocols
  • [610] Aruba os show arp: Fix tests to have the full output from the command and device
  • [#608] Vyatta VyOS show interfaces: Capture IP_ADDRESS with or without netmask
  • [#614] IOS show interfaces status: Remove reliance on whitespaces


  • [#406] Testing: Add yamllint to test suite
  • [#407] Testing: Add python black to test suite
  • [#553] IOS show lldp neighbors: Added CAPABILITIES capture group
  • [#554] IOS show logging: New template
  • [#563] IOS show interfaces switchport: Added ADMIN_MDOE capture group
  • [#562] ASA show logging: New template
  • [#564] NXOS show interface transceiver: New template
  • [#567] XR show arp: New template
  • [#572] IOS show lldp neighbors detail: Added SERIAL capture group
  • [#573] ASA show arp: New template
  • [#578] Fortinet get system interface: New template
  • [#576] Huawei VRP display lldp neighbor: New template
  • [#581] Cisco WLC show vlan sum: New template
  • [#580] XR show interfaces summary: New template
  • [#590] IOS show ip bgp neighbors: New template
  • [#591] NXOS show vdc: New template
  • [#595] Checkpoint GAIA show arp dynamic all: New template
  • [#593] IOS show module: New template
  • [#597] Huwai VRP display version: New template
  • [#602] NXOS show vrf interface: New template
  • [#598] IOS show running-config partition access list: Added TCP_FLAG capture group
  • [#598] IOS show running-config partition access list: Convert COMMENT to list
  • [#598] IOS show running-config partition access list: Update PROTOCOL to include numbered protocols
  • [#596] XR admin show environment power: New template
  • [#594] Aruba os show arp: New template
  • [#605] SG300 show version: New template
  • [#604] NXOS show vlan: Added INTERFACES capture group, Require VLAN_ID
  • [#600] IOS show mpls interfaces: New template
  • [#599] IOS show etherchannel summary: New template
  • [#611] NXOS show interface: Added MODE capture group
  • [#612] NXOS show interfaces switchport: Added ACCESS_VLAN_NAME and NATIVE_VLAN_NAME capture groups
  • [#609] HP Comware display ip interface: New template
  • [#606] IOS show ip ospf database router: New template


  • [#406] Helpers: Added development_helpers cli utility to replace existing helpers



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