github nette/latte v3.0.5
Released version 3.0.5

latest releases: v3.0.17, v3.0.16, v3.0.15...
19 months ago
  • added TracyExtension
  • added {exitIf} #287
  • Node: getIterator() must exists (BC break)
  • improved error messages for reserved keywords
  • safeUrl accepts HtmlStringable
  • fixed caching issue after 38039d8
  • Content type 'text' uses escaping
  • escapeXml() treats HtmlStringable as XML #322
  • Linter: prints filenames during progress
  • Parser: fixed support for dash in n:attributes
  • more accurate checking of {breakIf} {continueIf} {skipIf} parent nodes
  • renamed SkipNode -> JumpNode, InRangeNode to InNode (BC break)
  • TagParser::tryConsumeModifier() renamed to tryConsumeTokenBeforeUnquotedString()

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