github nette/latte v3.0.1
Released version 3.0.1

latest releases: v3.0.17, v3.0.16, v3.0.15...
2 years ago
  • some fixes
  • added TranslatorExtension, reverts "translate moved to nette/application"
  • {_var} and {translate} can translate values during compile time
  • {translate} accepts parameters
  • SafeUrl is not used for attribute parts
  • Fixed {first} inside n:foreach #298
  • Engine::isExpired() checks filemtime of extensions
  • Linter: accepts file name or mask
  • Linter: initalization moved to class
  • Linter: prints summary
  • ParametersNode & DefineNode parses parameters as ParameterNode[] with full type

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