github nette/latte v2.9.1
Released version 2.9.1

latest releases: v3.0.17, v3.0.16, v3.0.15...
3 years ago
  • Compiler: improved code indentation
  • BlockMacros: added {include file with blocks} as a successor to {includeblock} (#152)
  • BlockMacros: combination of n:snippet & n:ifcontent is forbidden #243
  • Revert "{snippetArea} requires parameter" #240
  • BlockMacros: parameters in {define} can have default values
  • BlockMacros: {define} accepts named parameters #184 #198
  • BlockMacros: fixed variables visibility between blocks depend on block order, alternative solution #178"
  • BlockMacros: supports expression as block/snippet name
  • CoreMacros: supports expression in include/extends
  • {embed} can contain {import}
  • Only top-level {block} is auto-closed
  • SecurityPolicy: added new tags & filters
  • changed \RuntimeException to Latte\RuntimeException
  • changed word 'modifier' --> 'filter' in exception messages
  • Revert "Template imported via {import} can use {extends}"
  • CoreMacros: {breakIf} and {continueIf} checks ancestors instead of parents #239
  • Defaults: filter 'webalize' is optional and depends on nette/utils #238
  • CoreMacros: modified use of temporary variables
  • CoreMacros: fixed {var} in {switch} usage #237
  • Compiler: tag name can contain dots, dashes and colons #236
  • BlockMacros: removed checks if dynamic snippet is used in {snippet} or {snippetArea} #134

For the details you can have a look at the diff.

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