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Released version 2.4.0

latest releases: v3.0.17, v3.0.16, v3.0.15...
8 years ago
  • requires PHP 5.4
  • generates pretty PHP code
  • implemented content type aware filters (triggers warning when mixing blocks/files in different contexts)
  • Implemented inline filters ($var|modifiers) #59
  • added operator in: $entry in [item1, item2] #27
  • {define} accepts parameters
  • added macro {import 'file'}
  • added macro {spaceless}
  • implemented {while} ... {/while $cond}
  • extremely fast filters
  • added |stripHtml
  • added |linebreaks
  • added |length for strings, arrays, Countable and Iterator #103
  • {syntax off} can be ended with {/syntax}
  • added Engine::addProvider(), runtime dependencies and options for macros
  • added SnippetDriver & ISnippetBridge, snippet refactoring
  • supports new operators <=> ** ...
  • {contentType} do not send header when is rendered to string or included #106
  • {capture} creates Latte\Runtime\Html in HTML content type (BC break)
  • new flags IMacro::AUTO_EMPTY and IMacro::AUTO_CLOSE
  • StringLoader: accepts array of strings
  • added |checkurl & |nocheck as aliases for |safeurl & |nosafeurl
  • added MacroNode::$innerContent nette/nette#1361
  • Engine::loadTemplate() invalidates opcode cache
  • Parser: exception 'Template is not valid UTF-8 stream' provides line number

deprecated, changed:

  • inline PHP <? ... ?> is deprecated
  • {includeblock} is deprecated
  • {? ...} is replaced with {php ...}
  • {use} and {status} are deprecated
  • |nl2br is deprecated
  • BlockMacros: <tag> in {snippet} is deprecated
  • {include |escape} and {block |escape} trigger warning about auto-escaping
  • {contentType} is allowed only in template header and in <script> due to #71
  • Latte\Template ⇒ Latte\Runtime\Template
  • Engine::getFilters() returns only name of filters
  • added ILoader::getUniqueId(), changed interface
  • MacroNode, HtmlNode: $isEmpty replaced with $empty
  • ILoader::getChildName()getReferredName() BC break, changed interface
  • uses $global accumulator instead of $_l and $_g
  • variable $template is deprecated
  • PhpWriter: deprecated support for constant names without underscore
  • Parser: removed support for ASP & Python syntax (BC break)

For the details you can have a look at the diff.

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