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v2.10-beta2 - 2020-12-03

WARNING: This is a beta release and is not suitable for production use. It is intended for development and evaluation purposes only. No upgrade path to the final v2.10 release will be provided from this beta, and users should assume that all data entered into the application will be lost.

These release notes include only changes which have been made since the v2.10-beta1 release. Please see the notes for that release for a complete list of changes being introduced in NetBox v2.10.


  • #5274 - Add REST API support for custom fields
  • #5399 - Show options for cable endpoint types during bulk import

Bug Fixes

  • #5176 - Enforce content type restrictions when creating objects via the REST API
  • #5358 - Fix user table configuration for VM interfaces
  • #5374 - Fix exception thrown when tracing mid-point
  • #5376 - Correct invalid custom field filter logic values
  • #5395 - Fix cable tracing for rear ports with no corresponding front port

Other Changes

  • #4711 - Renamed Webhook obj_type to content_types
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