github netblue30/firejail 0.9.64rc1
Version 0.9.64rc1

This is a test release for upcoming 0.9.64 version.

  • replaced --nowrap option with --wrap in firemon
  • The blocking action of seccomp filters has been changed from
    killing the process to returning EPERM to the caller. To get the
    previous behaviour, use --seccomp-error-action=kill or
    syscall:kill syntax when constructing filters, or override in
    /etc/firejail/firejail.config file.
  • Fine-grained D-Bus sandboxing with xdg-dbus-proxy.
    xdg-dbus-proxy must be installed, if not D-Bus access will be allowed.
    With this version nodbus is deprecated, in favor of dbus-user none and
    dbus-system none and will be removed in a future version.
  • DHCP client support
  • firecfg only fix dektop-files if started with sudo
  • SELinux labeling support
  • custom 32-bit seccomp filter support
  • restrict ${RUNUSER} in several profiles
  • blacklist shells such as bash in several profiles
  • whitelist globbing
  • mkdir and mkfile support for /run/user directory
  • support ignore for include
  • --include on the command line
  • splitting up media players whitelists in
  • new condition: HAS_NOSOUND
  • new profiles: gfeeds, firefox-x11, tvbrowser, rtv, clipgrab, muraster
  • new profiles: gnome-passwordsafe, bibtex, gummi, latex, mupdf-x11-curl
  • new profiles: pdflatex, tex, wpp, wpspdf, wps, et, multimc, mupdf-x11
  • new profiles: gnome-hexgl, com.github.johnfactotum.Foliate, mupdf-gl, mutool
  • new profiles: desktopeditors, impressive, planmaker18, planmaker18free
  • new profiles: presentations18, presentations18free, textmaker18, teams
  • new profiles: textmaker18free, xournal, gnome-screenshot, ripperX
  • new profiles: sound-juicer, com.github.dahenson.agenda, gnome-pomodoro
  • new profiles: gnome-todo, x2goclient, iagno, kmplayer, penguin-command
  • new profiles: frogatto, gnome-mines, gnome-nibbles, lightsoff, warmux
  • new profiles:, ferdi, abiword, four-in-a-row
  • new profiles: gnome-mahjongg, gnome-robots, gnome-sudoku, gnome-taquin
  • new profiles: gnome-tetravex, blobwars, gravity-beams-and-evaporating-stars
  • new profiles: hyperrogue, jumpnbump-menu, jumpnbump, magicor, mindless
  • new profiles: mirrormagic, mrrescue, scorched3d-wrapper, scorchwentbonkers
  • new profiles: seahorse-adventures, wordwarvi, xbill, gnome-klotski
  • new profiles: swell-foop, fdns, five-or-more, steam-runtime
  • new profiles: nicotine, plv, mocp, apostrophe, quadrapassel, dino-im
  • new profiles: hitori, bijiben, gnote, gnubik, ZeGrapher, xonotic-sdl-wrapper
  • new profiles: gapplication, openarena_ded, element-desktop, cawbird
  • new profiles: freetube, strawberry, jitsi-meet-desktop
  • new profiles: homebank, mattermost-desktop, newsflash, com.gitlab.newsflash
  • new profiles: sushi, xfce4-screenshooter, org.gnome.NautilusPreviewer, lyx
  • new profiles: minitube, nuclear, mtpaint, minecraft-launcher, gnome-calendar
  • new profiles: vmware, git-cola, otter-browser, kazam, menulibre, musictube
  • new profiles: onboard, fractal, mirage, quaternion, spectral, man, psi
  • new profiles: smuxi-frontend-gnome, balsa, kube, trojita, youtube
  • new profiles: youtubemusic-nativefier, cola, dbus-send, notify-send
  • new profiles: qrencode, ytmdesktop, twitch
  • new profiles: xournalpp, chromium-freeworld, equalx
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