github nestjsx/crud v4.3.0

4.3.0 - 2019-12-21


  • crud added dto to the CrudOptions (#132)
  • crud added serialize to the CrudOptions
  • crud added search query param and a new search condition api
  • crud added new condition operators: $eqL, $neL, $startsL, $endsL, $contL, $exclL, $inL, $notinL for case insensitive queries (#77)
  • crud added @crudAuth() class decorator for authorized requests


  • crud CrudRequestInterceptor can be used for both crud and non-crud controllers or for custom routes within crud controller
  • crud support @nestjs/swagger major versions: v3 and v4 (#340)
  • crud added returnShallow option to the CrudOptions.routes createOneBase, updateOneBase, replaceOneBase methods (#158)
  • crud added alias to the CrudOptions.join (#350)
  • crud added alwaysPaginate to the CrudOptions.query, can be used globally as well (#213)
  • crud CrudOptions.query.filter can be a function that returns transformed search object
  • crud added disabled for an objects withing CrudOptions.params
  • request query builder: now uses qs package
  • request query builder: filter and or methods can accept array of filter objects
  • typeorm changed visibility of all methods (#226)
  • typeorm use ILIKE for PostgreSQL (#212)

Bug Fixes

  • crud swagger: fixed response models (#350)
  • crud swagger: fixed query params (#196)
  • crud swagger: fixed renamed params (#283)
  • crud swagger: fixed swagger method decoration on overridden methods
  • crud query parser: fixed parsing integers when it's a big int
  • typeorm fixed load embedded entities (#138)
  • typeorm fixed left join issues (#31, #98)
  • typeorm fixed composite key joins (#238)
  • typeorm fixed entity events (#51)
  • typeorm all methods return entity instances (#259)
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