github nestjsx/crud v.3.0.0


  • routes:
    • choose routes that should be created or excluded (#30)
    • interceptors can be added to each route options
    • optional return entity on DELETE request (#34)
    • optional allow override URL params values by PATCH request body
  • params:
    • allow selecting each URL param type (number, uuid, string). Validation and transforming has been added
    • allow select any slug URL param name that differs from id. e.g. providing { params: { slug: 'uuid' } } will be processed as GET | PATCH | DELETE /:slug; will validate slug as uuid string; and will be making a SELECT query by slug column (#11)


  • crud:
    • added pagination data to the getManyBase request (data, count, total, page, pageCount). Along with the ability to add interceptors without method overriding, this should totaly fix (#12, #18 )
    • added nested filtering (#42)
    • removed helpers in CrudController (getParamsFilter and getMergedOptions). Added helpful custom route decorators instead (@ParsedQuery, @ParsedParams, @ParsedOptions)
    • a lot of micro improvements. CrudController became more ORM agnostic.
    • method overriding became more easy.


  • crud:
    • fixed Swagger documentation on an overridden method (#17)
    • added examples to Swagger (#17)
    • refactored to use NestJs 6
latest releases: v4.6.2, v4.6.1, v4.6.0...
19 months ago