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2 years ago

8.0.0 (2021-08-27)


Big thanks to @Tony133 and everyone who helped pushing for 8.0.0 ❤️

Bug Fixes

  • deps: update dependency @grpc/proto-loader to v0.6.2 (821fb9e)
  • deps: update dependency fastify to v3.17.0 (1a744b1)
  • deps: update dependency typeorm to v0.2.34 (99b1e44)

Code Refactoring

  • remove deprecated Terminus API (70e36ed)



  • HttpHealthIndicator requires @nestjs/axios to be installed as well as HttpModule to be imported
  • TerminusModule.forRoot{Async) has been removed

In order to migrate, check out:

  • Upgrade to NestJS v8.x.x

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