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Release 10.2.2

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3 months ago

10.2.2 (2024-02-07)

Bug Fixes

  • MikroOrmHealthIndicators indicates as up even when disconnected (#2509) (#2511) (069b998), closes #2460
  • Swagger schema for health check result additional props set to type: 'object' instead of type: 'string', (44c06f6), closes #2516
  • mark result as required in the Swagger Schema for the health check result (01ce13b), @srdanielillo


  • deps: update dependency reflect-metadata to v0.2.1 (e2420bd)
  • deps: update prisma monorepo to v5.9.1 (d88770c)
  • deps: update dependency class-validator to v0.14.1 (#2479) (a8585ce)
  • deps: update dependency typeorm to v0.3.20 (#2480) (72e7f7a)
  • deps: update mikro-orm monorepo to v5.9.7 (#2481) (1eaa605)
  • deps: update nest monorepo (#2482) (3c555e0)

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