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DAO Extension

DAO Extension

<Pull Request 530>

This PR includes a series of Deployment Proposals as described in

  • Adds support for abstaining in the votings. (Version Bit 19) - includes functional test

  • Enables voting state cache, reducing the amount of votes which need to be broadcasted down to 1 per address. (Version Bit 22) - does not include specific functional test, but old fund tests pass having this deployment activated

  • Enables DAO consultations. (Version Bit 23) - includes functional test

  • Enables modification of consensus parameters through DAO consultations. (Version Bit 25) - includes functional test

  • Enables voting delegation and voting from light wallets. (Version bit 27) - includes functional test

  • Allows fund proposals to have a different address for signing the payment requests and for receiving the payment. This allows to use arbitrary scripts as payment addresses, like multisig addresses. When the payment address differs from the owner address, the first will be specified using the p parameter on the JSON object embedded on the strDZeel property of the transaction.

  • Includes UI to manage the new DAO features.


<Pull Request 588>

This PR adds support for Dandelion as described in

Mnemonic startup GUI

<Pull Request 659>

This PR adds a Startup GUI which allows for the ability to restore and create wallets with Mnemonic words. Mnemonic words are like a read readable master key for BIP32 a bitcoin proposal to make key generation derived from one key or a masterkey instead of being randomly created as before hand.

Add tools page/dialog for running common commands for wallet repair/maintenance

<Pull Request 675>

Update libcurl to v7.68.0

<Pull Request 663>

Rescan when importing mnemonic

<Pull Request 662>

Minor PR's and Patches

<Pull Request 678> Fix for last voting cycle of proposals and payment requests
<Pull Request 679> Prevent duplicated insert
<Pull Request 680> Fix for votes not being persisted
<Pull Request 681> Updates the response code when work queue depth exceeded
<Pull Request 682> Optimise memory use for blockindex
<Pull Request 683> Set default path for stress test to be relative to project root path

For additional information about new features, check


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