github nats-io/nats-server v2.3.4
Release v2.3.4


Go Version

  • 1.16.6: Both release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release.


  • Server will now reject a max_payload that is set higher than max_pending since no message would be able to be delivered to subscriptions. The server will also warn if the value is set above 8MB (and may enforce this limit in the future) (#2407, #2413)


  • JetStream:
    • A deadlock could happen when the server was removing messages. Thanks to @rwrz for the report (#2404)
    • Various fixes and improvements to clustered Filestore consumer stores (#2406)
    • Leafnodes with same domain and shared system account should behave like flat Jetstream network (#2410)
    • With stream with multi-subject or wildcard and max_msgs_per_subject set, if a consumer had deliver_last_per_subject set, the initial pending would be 1 higher than it actually was (#2412)
    • Memory store would sometimes incorrectly select the proper starting sequence (#2412)

Complete Changes

latest releases: v2.5.0, v2.4.0
one month ago