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Release v2.3.3


Go Version

  • 1.16.6: Both release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release.


  • ReloadOptions API to support configuration reload without use of configuration file for embedded cases. Thanks to @taigrr for the contribution (#2341)
  • Kind and ClientType to account CONNECT/DISCONNECT events. Thanks to @mullerch for the report (#2351)
  • JetStream:
    • Streams and consumers now have a Description property (#2377)
    • New DeliverLastPerSubject delivery policy (#2381, #2390)


  • Default account fetch timeout to be smaller than client timeout to increase probability of getting the Authorization Violation error instead of a i/o timeout error when credentials of an account has not yet been pushed to the account server (#2365)
  • Executable symbol table no longer stripped. Thanks to @yzhao1012 and @justicezyx for the contribution (#2383)


  • TLS timeout in configuration file parsing now accept units, such as "2s" for 2 seconds (#2364)
  • JetStream:
    • Server restart time with many expired messages (#2387)


  • JetStream:
    • A data race on JetStream shutdown (#2353)
    • In clustered mode, the maximum consumers limit was not always applied for ephemeral consumers (#2354)
    • Consumer's NumPending may be stuck at 1 (#2357)
    • Removed a stack print that may appear in some cases since v2.3.1 (#2362)
    • Possible subscription leak when processing service imports and processing of pull subscribers (#2373)
    • Unique server name requirement across domains (#2378)
    • A clustered consumer on an interest retention policy could cause the server to panic when the consumer was being deleted (#2382)
    • Allow non-JS leafnode(s) to access a HUB transparently (#2393)
    • A stream with un-acknowledged messages would not redeliver new un-acknowledged messages following a purge. Thanks to @sloveridge for the report (#2394)
  • Subscription on a subject that is not a subset of a wildcard import. Thanks to @DamianoChini for the report (#2369)
  • OCSP issue in embedded cases when the TLS configuration did not set the certificate Leaf (#2376)

Complete Changes

latest releases: v2.6.1, v2.6.0, v2.5.0...
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