github nats-io/nats-server v2.2.4
Release v2.2.4


Go Version

  • 1.16.4: Both release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release.


  • JetStream:
    • The information about an upstream stream source will now have an optional External stream information, which will allow to know the API Prefix (#2218)


  • GetOpts() from ClientAuthentication interface will now returned *ClientOpts (instead of *clientOpts which was internal) (#2189)


  • JetStream:
    • Server was not checking for invalid de-duplication window specified in a stream mirror (#2204)
    • A store directory on disk without jetstream could appear to lose assets on restart (#2206, #2216)
    • Source stream does not import from another stream if that stream name is not unique within the importing stream sources (#2209)
    • Stream create (and others) responses do not return when the Leafnode is a cluster (#2212)
    • Single instance shows direct consumers when it shouldn't (#2214)
  • Websocket:
    • Specifying same_origin or allowed_origins would prevent non web clients (that may not have the Origin header present) to connect, for instance Leafnodes. Thanks to @wutkemtt for the report (#2211)

Complete Changes

latest releases: v2.5.0, v2.4.0, v2.3.4...
4 months ago