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0.230.0 (2023-05-24)

Bug Fixes

  • core: Optimize SharedWorkflow queries (#6297) (ed7f3b8)
  • core: Prevent app crashes because of unhandled promises in poll and trigger nodes (#6278) (3750605)
  • editor: Fix canvas loading when page gets restored from bfcache (#6304) (11477f0)
  • editor: Fix design system button with icon vertical alignment (#6284) (fc580f7)
  • editor: Fix inverted checks on modal confirmation results (#6285) (5d2f474)
  • ERPNext Node: Fix issue with credential test and add frappe cloud url (#6283) (2a2b645)
  • Google Calendar Node: All day option fix (#6274) (5bef91e)
  • Initialize license in queue mode correctly (#6301) (42c79cd)
  • OpenAI Node: Descriptive errors (#6270) (8fdfa3b)
  • Prevent removing manual executions when setting says to save (#6300) (55b755c)
  • SSH Node: Private key field as password and credential test (#6298) (d5c7e6f)
  • SSH Node: Replace ~ with /home/username (#6269) (4219490)
  • Strapi Node: Strapi credentials notice (#6289) (bbe6d4c)
  • Strava Trigger Node: Fix issue with delete events failing to display data (#6277) (8a8fed0)
  • Wekan Node: Handle response correctly (#6296) (4d9c8b0)


  • Add SSO SAML metadataUrl support and various improvements (#6139) (e3a53fd)
  • core: Remove all floating promises. Enforce @typescript-eslint/no-floating-promises (#6281) (e046f65)
  • core: Replace client-oauth2 with an in-repo package (#6266) (a1b1f24)
  • Execution Data Node: New node (#6247) (3f7c4f0)
  • Gotify Node: Add support for self signed certificates (#6053) (401cffd)
  • Ldap Node: Add LDAP node (#4783) (ec393bc)
  • LoneScale Node: Add LoneScale node and Trigger node (#5146) (4b85433)
  • RabbitMQ Node: Add mode for acknowledging and deleting from queue later in workflow (#6225) (f5950b2)
  • Send Email Node: Add content-id for email attachments (#3632) (8fe8aad)
  • SSH Node: Credentials test (#6279) (3569d53)

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