github musicbeeremote/mbrc-plugin v1.4.0

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2 years ago


This version is unified to properly support both the Android and iOS applications.



  • Fixes status displaying as stopped when range filtering is active.
  • Adds pagination to the radio station api
  • Adds support for different behavior on different client platforms (Android/iOS)
  • Fixes repeat one functionality.
  • Fixes issue with lyrics initialization on direct request.
  • Fixes off by one now playing play on Android clients
  • Adds Album Artist info to nowplayinglist and libraryalbumtracks commands.


  • Adds support for requesting list of Album Artists instead of Artists.
  • Adds support for shuffle/non-shuffle play all command.
  • Adds support for Album covers.

MusicBee Microsoft Store version

If you are using the Microsoft store version of MusicBee then you need to install the plugin using the zip file.

Go to MusicBee->Edit->Preferences and then locate the Plugins settings.
In the Plugins settings page, you will find a button Add Plugin. Locate the downloaded zip and open it through the selection dialog.

After selecting the zip you should be greeted with the MusicBee Remote plugin settings dialog.

Verify integrity

To verify the downloaded file integrity you need Windows PowerShell. After opening PowerShell go to your download folder.
Make sure you change the extension the file downloaded.

cd Downloads
Get-FileHash -Path .\musicbee_remote_1.4.0.exe -Algorithm SHA512

## This will give you an output that looks like the following:
Algorithm       Hash                                                                   Path
---------       ----                                                                   ----

Ensure that the Hash there matches the one in the corresponding .sha512 file

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